This summer, come join us as we travel around the world with Captain James Cook and his first mate Hayley McSail! Check out Captain Cook’s washed up ship at the centre throughout the summer holidays, and join in each week as he takes you on exciting storytelling journeys across the globe. You’ll learn all about where Captain Cook travelled to and the incredible things he got up to along the way, as well as all the fascinating characters he met at these FREE kids’ events. No need to book it – just Captain Cook it! Take a look below for more details.

Antarctica – Wednesday 28th August

Captain Cook and Hayley McSail are going South. Help them make the coolest find ever! It might be summer but snow and ice is expected, and who knows what else awaits them in the waters of the Antarctic Circle.

Sessions will be held at the following times on each event date, so be sure to head to the centre and join in!

Session 1 - 10.00am

Session 2 - 11.00am

Session 3 - 12.00pm

Session 4 - 1.15pm

Session 5 - 2.15pm

Plus if you attend 3 or more Captain Cook’s Cruises sessions, you’ll receive a FREE gift! Be sure to pick up a loyalty card from the Captain himself when you first arrive.

Keep an eye out on our social media pages and website for more information in the lead up to our maiden voyage.