National Men’s Grooming Day

THIS WEEK marks National Men’s Grooming Day which encourages men everywhere to use grooming products and manage their appearance!So come on blokes it’s time to take pride in your looks, check out our top grooming tips below…

Hair Products
One size does NOT fit all – if you have thicker unruly hair, pomade and waxes are a must-do. However, if you have a finer head of head then go for a gel and if you’re bald there’s still something out there for you to get that all-authentic Stone-Cold Steve Austin look!

Signature Scent
Aftershaves are built to complement not knock passers-by out so use sparingly. Plus, rather than owning a dozen on-offer average scents, find one or two classic blends that you really like. Typically, woody scents are for winter while citrus-based notes are better suited to summer.

Face Scrubs
A wet flannel that you’ve had for ten years doesn’t quite cut it anymore, instead a well-chosen scrub is a weekly must-do to help keep your skin in its best condition. Opt for natural ingredients such as oats or apricot kernels and please stay away from earth-damaging microbeads.

Clean Shaven
If you have a jawline that rivals David Gandy then forget about those hipster-beards and instead go clean shaven. Prepare your skin beforehand with a shave oil and help reduce redness and irritation by soaking the blades in warm water – finish off with good ol’ e45.

Best Feet Forward
Even if you only ever get your feet out on holiday, a good footcare routine is still important. After a bath or shower, when skin is the softest, use a pumice stone on any dead skin and lather on a generous amount of moisturiser on to help keep them smooth.

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